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From the fishermen’s net to preparing surimi-base

It all starts out in the deep ocean where white fish are caught : their meat is the basic ingredient for making surimi. Sustainability is important to all the fishermen; they all fish responsibly. To maintain our oceans’ biodiversity, they concentrate on those species managed by quotas, such as blue whiting from northern waters, Alaskan cod, and Pacific whiting.

A premium product, surimi uses only fish meat, which is rich in proteins and vitamin B12, and contains micronutrients. Fish heads, skin and bones are put aside.

The meat is carefully and finely chopped, and rinsed with freshwater. To preserve all of the product’s optimal qualities, it is immediately frozen (and kept in cold storage).

Preparing surimi sticks

Surimi is made in a production unit, following a simple recipe. Egg white, potato or wheat starch and rapeseed oil are added to the fish meat to create a soft paste, aromas are added to tease taste buds, and a touch of paprika gives the orange colour that so pleases the eyes.

After steam cooking, surimi can take many forms: sticks (plain or stuffed), crumbs, grated, medallions or slices… thus adapting itself to all culinary creations and moments for eating.





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